Working remotely.

Remote audio recording from Edinburgh studios Red Facilities.

At Red Facilities we’ve been working remotely for more than 20 years. So some of the challenges we’re faced with at the moment don’t seem quite as tough as they might have been.

Pre-COVID, our remote links allowed us to connect with artists, producers, writers and agencies across the globe. Now we’ve added more computers and more platforms so we can connect with more people more effectively, including ISDN, Source Connect Pro, Source Connect Now, Cleanfeed, ipDTL and SessionLink Pro.

You can connect to us visually via Zoom and Microsoft Teams and have an experience that’s almost as nice as it would be if you were sitting in the studio. Same brilliant production skills, same exceptional communication, same deadlines met. You only miss out on the coffee (and the commute).

We also understand that sometimes you might need to be at the studio. As an approved supplier we adhere to the Scottish Government guidelines. When possible we allow artists and clients to come into the studio under the conditions of these guidelines and our COVID policy. These regulations are changing all the time so get in touch and we’ll talk you through the available options.

You can call +44 0131 555 2288 or email us at