Other Connectivity.

other audio connectivity solutions

Cleanfeed/ipDTL/Source Connect Now/SessionLink Pro

These four applications all run via Google’s Chrome browser and use the Opus codec. This means they’re very simple to set up and are generally pretty reliable. They sound significantly better than Skype or a phone patch. For monitoring or approval purposes they’re all excellent. And they’re also free to use, which is rather lovely.

For mission critical jobs we’d always suggest getting hold of the source audio after the session as the quality of these apps isn’t in the same league as ISDN or Source Connect Pro.

If you’ve got any questions these apps or any other ways to connect with contributors just call or email us.

Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts

Skype is ubiquitous. It’s free and offers basic collaboration functionality. It’s a bit rough around the edges and sounds a little weak, but it’s better than a phone patch. It allows for group meetings which, if your team are in different locations, can be rather handy. FaceTime and Google Hangouts are much the same.

If you’ve got any questions about these or any other ways to connect with contributors just call or email us.

Phone Patch

This is the second simplest way to connect to us remotely. Our rather clever ISDN codecs let you dial into them for the best possible connection. It’s great for podcast or interview guests without having to organise a studio at the remote end.

Finally you can simply dial into the studio where we’ll have a speakerphone setup. You can talk to us and the artist or just listen in. Dead easy. No fees, no setup and no complications.