Source Connect Pro.

Source Connect Pro studio

Rapidly taking over ISDN as the new remote recording and monitoring standard, Source Connect Pro allows for high quality connections with some major benefits:

Greatly improved audio quality over ISDN so there’s no need to wait for file transfer of the source audio.

Sample accurate synchronisation. Unlike ISDN, Source Connect Pro allows both the sender and receiver facilities to run projects in absolute sync, even across continents. Great for ADR/looping and mix approval.

No call charges. There’s a setup fee per session but unlike ISDN you’re not billed for the time you remain connected.

You can’t have it all unfortunately. There are (of course) a couple of downsides to this utter brilliance. Source Connect Pro uses the internet so is at the mercy of telecom suppliers and web traffic. We’ve got an incredibly fast fibre connection and have worked with the creators of Source Connect for more than 8 years to help minimise as many of the issues as possible. The encoding/decoding delay (known as latency) is also longer than with ISDN – around 1 second.

If you’ve got any questions about Source Connect Pro or any other ways to connect with contributors just call or email us.

And if you’d like to just jump right in our Source Connect username is: red