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We've found 393 voice artists which match your requirements. For more information, or to book a session, call us on 0131 555 2288 or send us an email.

Walker Berwick

Rich, warm with plenty of gravitas.

Nicky Marr

Friendly and enlightening.

Alex Fthenakis

Gentle and factual American voice.

Helen Mcalpine

Small and perfectly formed. Helen’s simply magic.

Ann Heavens

Flexible, sophisticated and warm.

Molly Innes

Confident, sympathetic yet straight-talking.

Jacqui Prentice

Delightfully husky, sexy and confident.

John Henderson

As rich and warm as a Werther’s original.

Jennifer Black

Soft, clear and delightfully husky.

Lilja O’Brien

Informative, warm and gentle.

Sophia Mclean

Flexible, bright and engaging. Originally from Aberdeen.

Fiona Knowles

Bright, lively and great fun.

Marissa Keltie

Caring, empathetic and warm.

Vari Sylvester

Talented, versatile and engaging.

Kari Corbett

From Monarch of the Glen to Shameless, she can do it all.

Richard De Prey

Informative, precise and clear. Great international voice.

Ewan MacDonald

Bright and slightly edgy central belter.

Helen Cuinn

Characterful, sincere and gutsy.

Jennifer Johnston

Bubbly and confident with loads of broadcast experience.

Jodie Campbell

Bright, bubbly and super friendly.