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Phil Mckee

Characterful, authentic and gritty.

Jenny Ryan

Lovely gentle reads.

John Cavanagh

Reassuring with bags of experience.

Heather Dewar

Bags of energy with oodles of experience and is a famous sports reporter.

Joyce Falconer

Colourful, husky Aberdonian.

Julie Finch

Natural, earthy West-coaster.

Ian Crawford

Factual, bright and mature.

Angela Darcy

Youthful and cheeky.

Robin Laing

Clear, calm and informative.

Jenny Farish

Massively experienced, warm and bright.

Tim Maguire

Familiar and thoroughly dependable.

Jeremy Hitchen

You name it, he does it. Literally.

Deirdre Davis

Versatile and really engaging.

Iain Macrae

From positive and sharp to smooth and warm Scottish reads.

Spider Miller

Salt of the earth westcoaster.

Lyndsey Knox

Bubbly and warm westcoaster.

Sarah Barron

Reassuring, warm and approachable.

Ashley Bitters

Bright young thing with loads of attitude

Fraser Sivewright

Upbeat, friendly and characterful.

Lorna Mitchell

Warm, friendly and down to earth.