Whether you’re a client looking for amazing voiceover talent or an aspiring VO artist needing a voiceover showreel we’ve got you covered.

voiceover talent online


Our online casting platform gives you access to over 350 voice artists aged 6-86. Nearly all of them are based in the central belt of Scotland. Those that aren’t can be connected to via a suitably equipped ISDN studio, Source Connect or using one of our Remote Link applications. You can search by age, gender, native language and accent.

We’re happy to help with casting too, for a fee so small your budget won’t feel a thing. Give us a call or email over script and a brief.

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Showreel Production.

We’ve got a huge amount of experience producing and casting voice actors. All of us at Red are established voice actors so we know what it’s like from both sides of the glass.

Nearly all of the artists on our site have had their showreels produced here. If you need an old reel updated or want to create something new, we can help. Email or call us and we’ll send you a factsheet which details the costs and the process.

And if you’re a complete novice but think you’ve got what it takes, please get in touch. We’ll get you in for a voice test. It’s quick and (mostly) painless and a great way to see if you’ve got potential.

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