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Ronnie Leek

Strong, earthy Scouser.

Greg Mchugh - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Greg Mchugh

Gary Tank Commander.

Ron Donachie - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Ron Donachie

Rich, friendly and comforting. A phenomenal all-rounder.

Rupert Smith - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Rupert Smith

Friendly with a touch of Bill Nighy.

Gosia Zbudniewek

Factual and direct. Great for documentaries.

Gavin Paul - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Gavin Paul

Young, high energy voice with plenty of punch.

Claire Dargo

Streetwise, youthful and slightly husky.

Colin Brown

Quirky and full of enthusiasm.

Robin Galloway - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Robin Galloway

Smooth and charming.

Sophia Mclean - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Sophia Mclean

Flexible, bright and engaging. Originally from Aberdeen.

Lucy Patterson

Intelligent, engaging and smooth.

Phil Mckee - voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Phil Mckee

Characterful, authentic and gritty.

Andy Vincent - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Andy Vincent

Really friendly and warm Northern voice. Lovely.

Jim Cassidy

Jim Cassidy

Refined, experienced and smooth.

Lesley Hart

From husky and smooth to lively and natural.

Judy Courage

Factual and sophisticated.

Rachel Colles

Clear, soft with just the right amount of sensuality.

Ewan MacDonald - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Ewan MacDonald

Bright and slightly edgy central belter.

Carol WalkerLyon

Straight talking and informative.

Johnny Meres

Versatile and characterful.