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We've found 400 voice artists which match your requirements. For more information, or to book a session, call us on 0131 555 2288 or send us an email.

Aldis Hamilton

Confident, intelligent and versatile.

Kaye Brown

Delightful melodious voice. Very flexible too.

Antony Strachan

Confident, real and lively. Lovely undersold deliveries too.

Emma Hatley-Miller

Bright, bubbly and full of energy.

James Lyon

He’s a voiceover.

Max Macallan

Gentle, approachable and friendly.

Carole Clarke

Assured, natural and polished.

Tonya Macari

Nice storytelling style. Great for factual too.

Crawford Logan

A Radio legend. Great range of voices.

Jim Webster-Stewart

Young, fresh and approachable.

Neil Thomas

Bright, cheerful and enthusiastic.

Grant Stott

Broadcaster, voice artist, actor and Hibs fan.

Lucy Patterson

Intelligent, engaging and smooth.

Ben Clifford

Clear, natural and confident.

Julie Duncanson

Husky, funny and versatile. Great character reads too.

Gabe Quigley

Incredibly versatile. Great characters too.

Amanda Craven

Husky and versatile. A real delight.

Elisa Canas

Supremely flexible voice.

Eleanor Good

Bright, bubbly and confident.

Marcus Hutton

Silky smooth and informed. Seasoned pro.