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Ian Aldred - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Ian Aldred

Polished, deep, authoritative voice with a wry smile.

Gerard McDade - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Gerard McDade

Colourful West-coaster. He’s funny too.

RJ Bayley - voiceover artist - Red Facilities

RJ Bayley

Honest, friendly and natural.

Billy Mack - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Billy Mack

Commanding and self-confident.

Angela Duthie

Direct, factual and clear voice. Radio 4 style.

Amy Drummond - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Amy Drummond

Bright, bouncy and friendly.

Brian James O'Sullivan - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Brian James O’Sullivan

Characterful, friendly and full of energy.

Steph Bower voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Steph Bower

Husky, smooth and reassuring.

Marissa Keltie voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Marissa Keltie

Caring, empathetic and warm.

Nicola Jo Cully voiceover artist

Nicola Jo Cully

From teens to twentysomething, she’s great.

Tonya Macari

Nice storytelling style. Great for factual too.

Fenella Kerr - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Fenella Kerr

Polished, warm and informed. Phenomenal long-form reader.

Mark Mcdonnell

Quirky, chatty and bouncy Northerner.

Fiona McBride

Cheeky, youthful and down to earth.

Jennifer Johnston - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Jennifer Johnston

Bubbly and confident with loads of broadcast experience.

Emma Hatley-Miller

Bright, bubbly and full of energy.

Stuart Hepburn voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Stuart Hepburn

Colourful, warm and natural.

Silvia Garcia Martinez

Nicely understated Spanish voice.

Ewan MacDonald - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Ewan MacDonald

Bright and slightly edgy central belter.

Nick Hornig

Amazingly deep and gravely. Like a edgier Louis Mellis.