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Steph Bower voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Steph Bower

Husky, smooth and reassuring.

Heidi Docherty

Quirky, funny and believable.

Liz Mcfarlane-Davie

Clear, considered and mature voice.

Claire Dargo

Streetwise, youthful and slightly husky.

Darren Adam

Positive hard selling style. Bags of radio experience.

Mary Wells

Supremely flexible voice. She’s funny too.

Sylvia Cockburn

Bright, confident and engaging.

Lorna Mitchell

Warm, friendly and down to earth.

Kate Norris

Informative & decisive. Wonderful regional stuff too.

Hamish Wyllie

Bright, clear and natural.

Greg Mchugh - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Greg Mchugh

Gary Tank Commander.

Deborah Arnott

Street wise west coaster.

Helen Cuinn

Characterful, sincere and gutsy.

Fiona McBride

Cheeky, youthful and down to earth.

Scott Noble - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Scott Noble

Confident all rounder.

Nicola Roy

Youthful, streetwise East coaster.

Jo Cameron Brown - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Jo Cameron Brown

Intimate, charming and slightly husky.

Neil Thomas

Bright, cheerful and enthusiastic.

Euan Milne

Interesting and characterful chap.

Gosia Zbudniewek

Factual and direct. Great for documentaries.