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Andrew Scott

Refined, strong and engaging mature voice

Craig McGinlay voiceover actor - Red Facilities

Craig McGinlay

Friendly, reliable and refreshing.

Ross Donnachie

Slightly husky and sincere.

Sarah Barron - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Sarah Barron

Reassuring, warm and approachable.

Beth Marshall - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Beth Marshall

Thoroughly engaging and sincere.

Monica Gibb

James Dawoud

Confident, down to earth and chilled.

Lorna Mitchell

Warm, friendly and down to earth.

Paul Young - voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Paul Young

Instantly recognisable, charming and warm.

Frank Meaden - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Frank Meaden

Approachable, husky straight-talker.

James Rottger - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

James Rottger

Confident, flexible and street wise.

Andrew Keay - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Andrew Keay

Bright, fun and full of energy

Laura Howarth

Engaging, bright and charming. The voice of Sonos.

Noreen Leighton

Smooth, husky and terribly appealing

Jacqui Prentice - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Jacqui Prentice

Delightfully husky and confident.

Deirdre Davis

Versatile and really engaging.

Pab Roberts - voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Pab Roberts

Polished with an nice energy. Slightly quirky.

Julie Coombe

Light, friendly and charming.

Helen Mcalpine - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Helen Mcalpine

Small and perfectly formed. Helen’s simply magic.

Gabe Quigley - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Gabe Quigley

Incredibly versatile. Great characters too.