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Joanne Andrews

Hugely experienced commercial voice.

Anne Kidd

Characterful, warm and rich.

Charles Donnelly

Gritty, gravelly with a touch of Ken Stott.

Yvonne Alexander

Lovely gentle reads. Based in Fife.

Naomi Cornwall

Totally natural and enthusiastic.

Graeme Easton

A real East coaster (and stadium announcer). Great for sports stuff.

Michael Mackenzie

Warm, refined and deliciously rich.

John Hannibal

Gravelly Glaswegian. Great for sports.

Marcus Hutton

Silky smooth and informed. Seasoned pro.

Keith Macpherson

Flexible and sympathetic.

Mairi Dougan

Fun, upbeat and real.

Alec Westwood

Great character & straight reads.

James Oakley

Confident and quirky.

Jennifer Johnston

Bubbly and confident with loads of broadcast experience.

Juliette Burton

Bright and bubbly.

Jamie Richard-Stewart

Precise, concise and sharp.

Tony Cownie

Sharp, light and slightly gravelly.

Alex Boyd

Bright, young commercial voice.

Sean Connor

Articulate and versatile west coaster.

Marion Scott

Lively, clear and charming.