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Susan Coyle

Alistair Hill

Friendly, straight talking & down to earth.

Vin Arthey

Assured matured voice with a smile.

Pab Roberts

Polished with an nice energy. Slightly quirky.

Doreen Mcgillivray

Really flexible. Quirky, characterful and warm.

Jamie Macdonald

Warm and friendly with great gravitas when its needed.

Shirley Rennie

Bright and chirpy. A bit like Carol Smillie.

Jim Webster-Stewart

Young, fresh and approachable.

Fraser Sivewright

Upbeat, friendly and characterful.

Blanche Anderson

Confident, characterful and optimistic.

Yvonne Alexander

Lovely gentle reads. Based in Fife.

Jonathan Watson

Scottish Comedy legend.

Eleanor Good

Bright, bubbly and confident.

James Bryce

Rich, deep and velvety.

Angela Ness

Natural, clear and educated.

Ann O’Neill

Amazingly flexible with bags of experience.

Alexis Graham

Bright and lively young voice.

Fenella Kerr

Polished, warm and informed. Phenomenal long-form reader.

Lance Fuller

Considered and thoughtful.

Jenny Ewart-Robb

Wonderfully sophisticated. A real touch of class.