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Colin Brown

Quirky and full of enthusiasm.

Christine Kammerer

Clam, caring and sincere.

James Lyon voiceover actor

James Walker

He’s a voiceover.

Gabrielle Barker - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Gabrielle Barker

Informative, factual and engaging.

Jim Cassidy

Jim Cassidy

Refined, experienced and smooth.

Iona MacInnes

Bright, friendly and really charming.

Lois Creasy

Nicely energetic with a husky edge

Jeannie Fisher

Natural, totally believable accents.

Patricia Kavanagh - voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Patricia Kavanagh

Bright, youthful and confident. She’s awfully good.

Kate Norris

Informative & decisive. Wonderful regional stuff too.

Greg Mchugh - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Greg Mchugh

Gary Tank Commander.

Steph Bower voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Steph Bower

Husky, smooth and reassuring.

Mary Wells

Supremely flexible voice. She’s funny too.

Richard De Prey

Informative, precise and clear. Great international voice.

Fran Healy - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Fran Healy

Soft, charming and engaging.

Ron Donachie - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Ron Donachie

Rich, friendly and comforting. A phenomenal all-rounder.

Daisy Lyon

Daisy Walker-Lyon

Scotland’s 2nd youngest voiceover.

Nicky Marr

Friendly and enlightening.

William Ruane

Sparky young West coaster.

Walker Berwick voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Walker Berwick

Rich, warm with plenty of gravitas.