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We've found 397 voice artists which match your requirements. For more information, or to book a session, call us on 0131 555 2288 or send us an email.

Stewart Cairns

Gentle, warm and highly articulate.

Robin Galloway

Smooth and charming.

Julie Coombe

Light, friendly and charming.

Kirsty Stuart

Stylish, warm and slightly husky.

Iona MacInnes

Bright, friendly and really charming.

Susie Maguire

Characterful and genuine. Great range of accents too.

David Gallagher

Rich, assured and gritty. Phenomenal.

Victoria Liddele

Soft, bright and all together wonderful. Great reader.

Helen Hubbard

Clear, concise and knowledgeable.

Jose Carlos

Consummate professional.

Paul English

Straight talking and to the point.

Tim Maguire

Familiar and thoroughly dependable.

Tony Kearney

Speaks fluent Spanish and Gaelic.

Reanne Farley

Bright, upbeat and very colourful.

David Monteath

Warm and authoritative.

Pierre Maubouche

A sublimely perfect French voice. Pierre’s voiced hundreds of commercials, games, corporates. He’s the real deal.

Andrew Keay

Bright, fun and full of energy

Beth Marshall

Thoroughly engaging and sincere.

Spider Miller

Salt of the earth westcoaster.

Alex Boyd

Bright, young commercial voice.