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We've found 407 voice artists which match your requirements. For more information, or to book a session, call us on 0131 555 2288 or send us an email.

Anne Kidd - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Anne Kidd

Characterful, warm and rich.

Antony Strachan - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Antony Strachan

Confident, real and lively. Lovely undersold deliveries too.

Ann O'Neill - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Ann O’Neill

Amazingly flexible with bags of experience.

John Colee - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

John Colee

Husky storyteller.

Paul Morrow - voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Paul Morrow

Clear, characterful and warm.

Fiona McBride

Cheeky, youthful and down to earth.

Wendy Barrett voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Wendy Barrett

Soft, gentle, real.

Nicola Jo Cully voiceover artist

Nicola Jo Cully

From teens to twentysomething, she’s great.

Victoria Liddele voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Victoria Liddele

Soft, bright and all together wonderful. Great reader.

Kirsty Stuart

Stylish, warm and slightly husky.

Lois Creasy

Nicely energetic with a husky edge

Lisa Houston voiceover actor

Lisa Houston

Bubbly, fun and full of life.

Savanna Kenny - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Savanna Kenny

Young, precise and full of energy.

Rachel Colles

Clear, soft with just the right amount of sensuality.

Lance Fuller

Considered and thoughtful.

Joanna Haden - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Joanna Haden

Wonderfully innocent. Charming.

Caroline Mackechnie

Straight talking and factual. Great for corporates.

Kevin Findlay

Trusting, gentle and mellow.

Libby Mcarthur

Natural, confident and funny. Nice combo.

Arlene Stuart - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Arlene Stuart

Warm and engaging. Phenomenal long-form reader.