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Vin Arthey voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Vin Arthey

Assured matured voice with a smile.

Craig Jamieson

Pure Glasgow. Craig’s magic.

Angela Ness

Angela Ness

Natural, clear and educated.

Helen Mcalpine - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Helen Mcalpine

Small and perfectly formed. Helen’s simply magic.

Richard De Prey

Informative, precise and clear. Great international voice.

Jacqui Prentice - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Jacqui Prentice

Delightfully husky and confident.

Toni Frutin voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Toni Frutin

Clear, warm and thoroughly lovely.

Amanda Craven

Husky and versatile. A real delight.

Chris Duffy

Light, quirky and approachable. A bit of East End magic.

Carmen Pieraccini - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Carmen Pieraccini

Gritty, characterful West coaster.

Emma Danby

Warm, confident and truly versatile. Utterly charming.

Toby Jeffries voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Toby Jeffries

Refined, confident and assured.

John Paul Hurley - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

John Paul Hurley

Approachable and warm Northern accents.

E J Boyle

Young, high energy voice with bags of attitude.

John Colee - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

John Colee

Husky storyteller.

Ian Crawford

Factual, bright and mature.

Robin Galloway - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Robin Galloway

Smooth and charming.

Kirsty Alexandra

Silky smooth, bright and highly articulate.

Derek Murray

Derek’s a real pro. Bags of energy too.

James Oakley

Confident and quirky.