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We've found 400 voice artists which match your requirements. For more information, or to book a session, call us on 0131 555 2288 or send us an email.

Jimmy Harrison

Sharp, energetic and clear. Nice characters.

Andrew McIntosh

Bold, gritty Glaswegian.

Estrid Barton

Husky, measured and clear

Martin McCormick

Straight talking and assured westcoaster.

Natalie Barrett

Articulate and wonderfully warm. Great voiceover.

Andrew Watson

Polished, friendly and factual.

Lesley Hart

From husky and smooth to lively and natural.

Frank Meaden

Approachable, husky straight-talker.

Jacqui Prentice

Delightfully husky and confident.

Sandro Satirchos

Light, bouncy upbeat reader. Nice range of accents too.

John Paul Hurley

Approachable and warm Northern accents.

Fiona Francis

Smooth, warm and natural. Slightly husky.

Iain Agnew

Wonderful storyteller.

Kelly McGregor

Friendly, down to earth Eastcoaster.

Jim Symon

Master of Scottish gravitas.

Molly Innes

Confident, sympathetic yet straight-talking.

George Drennan

Confident, rich and reassuring with a great accent range.

Wendy Woolfson

Super friendly, fun and bright West coaster.

John Cugley

Polished, articulate and professional.

Derek Smith

Positive, newsy and colourful.