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We've found 397 voice artists which match your requirements. For more information, or to book a session, call us on 0131 555 2288 or send us an email.

Ian Aldred

Polished, deep, authoritative voice with a wry smile.

Mhairi Jarvis

Mhairi delivers deliciously understated reads. She’s originally from Perth.

Alison Mcfarlane

Bright, lively voice with real passion.

Tony Kearney

Speaks fluent Spanish and Gaelic.

Craig McGinlay

Friendly, reliable and refreshing.

Naomi Cornwall

Totally natural and enthusiastic.

Charles Donnelly

Gritty, gravelly with a touch of Ken Stott.

Rennie Griffiths

Rich, gritty and strong.

John Kielty

Loads of youthful attitude. He’s great.

Kari Corbett

From Monarch of the Glen to Shameless, she can do it all.

Katie Petrie

Bright, warm and wonderfully assured.

Sandro Satirchos

Light, bouncy upbeat reader. Nice range of accents too.

Liz Mcfarlane-Davie

Clear, considered and mature voice.

Elisa Canas

Supremely flexible voice.

Linda McLaughlin

Warm and freindly westcoaster.

Joanne Ramsay

Silky smooth, reassuring & real.

Tania Dron

Husky and streetwise Fifer.

Teri Lally

Naturally gentle with a lovely lilt.

Vin Arthey

Assured matured voice with a smile.

Toni Frutin

Clear, warm and thoroughly lovely.