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Rob Flett - voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Rob Flett

Confident and streetwise young voice.

Beth Frieden - voiceover actor at Red Facilities

Beth Frieden

Super bright young voice. Beth is a fluent Gaelic speaker too.

Neil Macgillivray

Bold and passionate westcoster.

Diane Brooks

Confident, lively and highly approachable.

Derek Murray

Derek’s a real pro. Bags of energy too.

Gosia Zbudniewek

Factual and direct. Great for documentaries.

Helen MacKay

Bright, sunny and thoroughly delightful.

James Rottger - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

James Rottger

Confident, flexible and street wise.

Isobella Jarrett - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Isobella Jarrett

Really engaging and warm.

Joyce Falconer

Colourful, husky Aberdonian.

Florence Degeilh

Great for narrative, factual or vox pop scripts.

Deborah Arnott

Street wise west coaster.

Tony Cownie

Sharp, light and slightly gravelly.

Eric Barlow

Strong and authoritative. Slightly gravelly.

Iona Thonger - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Iona Thonger

Friendly and approachable. Originally from North Wales

Sarah Lawrie Johnston - Red Facilities voiceover artist

Sarah Lawrie Johnston

Unique, exuberant and characterful Scottish voice.

Richard Gordon - voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Richard Gordon

Strong, direct sports broadcaster.

Rennie Griffiths - voiceover artist - Red Facilities

Rennie Griffiths

Rich, gritty and strong.

Jo Cameron Brown - Voice Over Artist Red Facilities

Jo Cameron Brown

Intimate, charming and slightly husky.

Ludo Julien

Warm and sophisticated.