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Max Macallan

Gentle, approachable and friendly.

Ross Donnachie

Slightly husky and sincere.

David Mahoney

Warm and reassuring.

Paul AJ Hamilton

Direct and factual. Nice gentle deliveries.

Peter Benassi

Reassuring, warm West coaster.

Deirdre Davis

Versatile and really engaging.

Matthew Zajac

Wonderful character and straight reads.

Carolyn Konrad

Husky, warm and natural.

Phil Mckee

Characterful, authentic and gritty.

Flora Munro

Bright, level-headed and totally believable.

Paul Pirie

Highly characterful. Quirky and slightly husky.

Iona MacInnes

Bright, friendly and really charming.

Craig McGinlay

Friendly, reliable and refreshing.

Nicky Marr

Friendly and enlightening.

Richard Jonston

Young, sparky and quite posh.

John Ritchie

Straight talker, nice narrative reads too.

Ben Clifford

Clear, natural and confident.

Wendy Barrett

Soft, gentle, real.

Max Howarth

Max Howarth

Charming, educated and dynamic. 40+

Tania Dron

Husky and streetwise Fifer.