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We've found 385 voice artists which match your requirements. For more information, or to book a session, call us on 0131 555 2288 or send us an email.

David Mahoney

Warm and reassuring.

Marcus Hutton

Silky smooth and informed. Seasoned pro.

Caroline Mackellar

Warm, down to earth and slightly husky.

James Rottger

Confident, flexible and street wise.

John Cavanagh

Reassuring with bags of experience.

Laura Howarth

Engaging, bright and charming. The voice of Sonos.

Rupert Smith

Friendly with a touch of Bill Nighy.

Jack Kerr

Approachably polished and reassuring.

Shirley Rennie

Bright and chirpy. A bit like Carol Smillie.

Fiona Knowles

Bright, lively and great fun.

Patricia Kavanagh

Bright, youthful and confident. She’s awfully good.

Noreen Leighton

Smooth, husky and terribly appealing

Barbara Watt

Approchable & flexible westcoaster.

Gillian Kerr

Lovely natural deliveries.

Glenna Morrison

Great energy. Warm smokey and confident.

Judy Courage

Factual and sophisticated.

Vari Sylvester

Talented, versatile and engaging.

Andrew Scott

Refined, strong and engaging mature voice

Mark Mcdonnell

Quirky, chatty and bouncy Northerner.

Juliet Lawrence Wilson

Sophisticated and friendly.