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We've found 382 voice artists which match your requirements. For more information, or to book a session, call us on 0131 555 2288 or send us an email.

John Winchester

Natural, bright and characterful.

Shirley Rennie

Bright and chirpy. A bit like Carol Smillie.

Andrew Scott

Refined, strong and engaging mature voice

Gilbert Martin

Strong words softly spoken.

Alex Boyd

Bright, young commercial voice.

Tony McQue

Fun, energetic and friendly.

Vin Arthey

Assured matured voice with a smile.

Fran Healy

Soft, charming and engaging.

Nicola Jo Cully

From teens to twentysomething, she’s great.

Nicola Roy

Youthful, streetwise East coaster.

Tracy Wiles

Bright, confident with bags of experience.

Kirsty Worthington

Great range of regional accents as well as RP.

Nicola Ferguson

Confident & believable newcomer.

Steven Wren

Great character and straight reads. A safe pair of hands.

Daniel Portman

Edgy, streetwise and very much in demand.

Sarah Lawrie Johnston

Unique, exuberant and characterful Scottish voice.

George Drennan

Confident, rich and reassuring with a great accent range.

Alex Fthenakis

Gentle and factual American voice.

Nicky Marr

Friendly and enlightening.

Craig Jamieson

Pure Glasgow. Craig’s magic.